Video Bingo

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You don’t have to look very long to find a place to play bingo as almost every website out there provides you with some version of this classic number daubing game.

But there’s one area of bingo that’s proven to be incredibly popular with players in the last few years in the gambling industry and that’s video bingo.

What Is Video Bingo?

If you’ve never experienced video bingo then don’t worry, it’s incredibly simple and easy to pick up. A good way to think of it is like it’s a type of bingo slots where you play an arcade version of the game as you daub off cards in lightning fast rounds to win cash prizes.

It’s pretty different from ordinary bingo games, for example with video bingo you don’t have to wait for a room to open to get your fix of this classic gambling game as you can load it up whenever you like. Also, instead of playing with other people and a chat host, you instead daub off cards on a digital screen with a machine.

How to Play

It’s actually pretty easy to pick up and play a video bingo game as it behaves in pretty much the same way as an ordinary game of bingo. You’re given a card to daub off and the trick to winning is to match the numbers on your card with ones drawn by the machine.

A great feature of this genre is that you can play with one card or up to four at once. Also, unlike ordinary bingo games you can choose how much you’re wagering on your cards in each game instead of sticking to a fixed rate like you get in normal games.


The rules of the game depend entirely on the type of video bingo you’re playing as there are two versions of them that you can get your hands on.

For example, if you’re playing the 75 ball version you will have to complete a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line on your cards to pick up a prize.

Or, if you’re using the 90 ball version you will earn a reward if you fill in one line, then two lines and a Full House.

The Different Types of Video Bingo

There are two main types of video bingo games out there and they are the Latin and American styles.

The American version uses a classic 90 ball set up that gives you a five by five card to play with and the opportunity to win one or more prizes with your cards.

Then there’s the Latin version, with this game you will encounter the popular 75 ball style. You’re also given a card that is three by five which makes the rounds of this game fly through quicker.

Where You Can Play Video Bingo

When it comes down to playing video bingo games, like everything, location is key to getting your hands on a game.

For example, you can pick up video bingo pretty much anywhere in America through physical machines or on online sites. But in the UK you’re confined to playing on specific bingo networks to get your fix of this game.

The 15 Bingo Network for example will let you play video bingo at Cheers Bingo and Charity Bingo, plus when you join these sites you can claim bonus cash and up to £2,500 from their prize wheels.

Video bingo is a fantastic genre that will always be loved by players around the world, if you’ve never tried it we highly recommend giving it a go as it’s always entertaining.

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