Unibet to Launch Standalone Bingo Site

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It seems that some things were never meant to last as online gambling operator Unibet have announced they will be splitting off from their current partner Playtech’s Virtue Fusion network.

They will be managing this move through their own brand new bingo software that they plan to use to create their own standalone site.

What’s Going On?

To break it down with the facts we know already, it seems that Unibet are leaving the Virtue Fusion Network in mid-2015 with the development of new bingo software that they created in tandem with Relax Gaming.

According to sources close to the company, they’ve been monitoring the current bingo market very closely in an effort to ensure that the site they have has the best design, games and features for any prospective players.

The new software that they’re using will provide players with access to a range of different bingo games as well as a few other unique features to use whilst they’re ‘in-game’. These can range from anything like multi-channel support, a range of casino games to try out and an in-depth loyalty scheme to incentivise players to keep using their site.

But don’t worry fans of Unibet because they’re not going it alone, instead they’re leaving with Maria and Bingo.com to form their own Relax Bingo Network in an attempt to strike out on their own. This new bingo network will be readily available on PC, iOS and a range of Android devices, so you can get your fix of games across a range of different platforms.

According to Daniel Eskola, the Head of Gaming at Unibet, after having a lot of success with their Poker platform, their next logical step was to start moving into the competitive market that is online bingo. Eskola also described how this move away from the Virtue Fusion Network would allow the company to “Start fresh” and create an online bingo brand that would be fun, whilst allowing them to cross-sell their various casino products.

When asked what this move would mean for their relationship with Playtech, Mr Eskola said that their relationship: “Remains strong.”

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Standalone Sites Vs Network Sites

Of course breaking off into their own stand-alone site will do Unibet a world of good as they will be able to establish their own signature on the market, it can also be quite difficult to survive.

To simplify things, here’s a brief comparison between the sort of things a standalone site and a network site can provide.

To start things off, non-networked bingo sites have a greater degree of creative control over what they can include on their site.

For example, sites linked to Cozy Games tend have the same basic designs in terms of their promotions and games whilst non-networked sites can include whatever content they like. It’s this individuality that allows these non –connected websites to make a name for themselves in the highly competitive online bingo market.

Networked sites, on the other hand, are more secure and they can share promotions and games across their sister sites. This benefits their players as they can browse their brands and still enjoy the content that they’re familiar with.

Networked sites can also instantly access a wider pool of players than stand-alone websites; also it can cost less to run as the banking, technical support and start-up fees are covered by the network owner.

Although it’s still early in Unibet’s current campaign to strive out on their own, they certainly seem to know what they’re doing. Hopefully it won’t be long until they have got their own online bingo brand up and running.

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