Tablet Bingo

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Over the years, tablet technology has taken off as the gadgets get better, faster and cheaper as almost everyone now owns a tablet in one shape or form. With this huge growth has come an explosion in the number of bingo sites that cater to this massive tablet market.

What Is Tablet Bingo?

Tablet bingo is pretty straightforward; it essentially involves playing bingo on your favourite sites by going through the search engine app on your tablet or by downloading a bingo app from the app store.

Also, you can play tablet bingo games on a wide range of devices from big brands like the iPad to Android makes and in some cases you can even use a few of the more modern Kindle models.

Pros and Cons of Tablet Bingo

When you start out playing tablet bingo games you will likely encounter a number of different positive and negative aspects to using it, we’ve listed a couple of them below:


The best thing about using a tablet is that the screen is larger than on mobile. This allows for crystal clear resolution on your games and a larger playing area to enjoy your game with. Also, depending on what you’re playing it can be quite immersive as it can often feel like you’re sat playing bingo at a hall as you daub off all the numbers with a tap.


However, tablets are far from perfect. For starters, tablets can be quite expensive to buy and a couple of hundred pounds worth of tech might not be worth it when it’s probably cheaper to just use your smartphone to play Android or iPhone bingo games.

The digital keyboard they use can also make communication in chat games slightly slower and prone to spelling errors.

Tablet Bingo Vs iPhone Bingo

Of course, if you’re still going to use a tablet to play bingo and would rather stick to mobile bingo sites using your iPhone then here’s a little comparison between the two gadgets.


Tablets have a huge screen that are better for playing games with, they also have better processors and can handle a higher quality of games. Tablets can also display a bingo site in its entirety, whilst an iPhone uses a slimmed down mobile version of the site you’re using.


The biggest perk of using an iPhone is that it’s more portable than a tablet as it can fit in your pocket. So it’s perfect for whipping out on the bus or train for a few games.

Plus a lot of bingo sites out there provide mobile exclusive games for you to play, so depending on where you go you might have a slightly larger library to use than a tablet.

Best Tablet Bingo sites

If you have a tablet and you’re in need of a new site to play on then check out three sites that we found to be the best to use to play bingo on tablet devices.

Lucky Touch Bingo:

A £10 no deposit bonus awaits you on this site as well as a 500%, 350% and 300% bonus on your first three deposits.

Bingo Hollywood:

A first deposit of £10 on this site will land you a 300% bonus, seven days of free bingo and 1,000 Star Points to spend.

Glossy Bingo:

Drop in at least £10 into your account on this site and you will get a 250% bonus to use.

So if you’re looking for a new platform to use to get our bingo fix then why not try out a tablet, because you definitely won’t regret using this great gadget!

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