Slingo Bingo to Move to spin Genie

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Great news for fans of the classic game Slingo Bingo as it seems it’s going to be moving on to Spin Genie.

Gaming Realms, who have just acquired Slingo Bingo, have decided that they are going to integrate with one of their newest and most popular brands.

How does it Work?

For those who are not familiar with it, the Slingo Bingo game initially started off on Facebook as a free-to-play bingo game and were previously owned by Zynga. However, it was no ordinary game as it used elements of slot machines to create a unique hybrid that used exciting gameplay elements to create a title that was incredibly popular with players.

For example, instead of daubing off a card or clearing reels you used a mixture of both systems. They managed this by giving you a blank card when you started a game, you would then hit ‘Spin’ and the reels would spin and numbers would appear on your card.

From there, any matches would disappear from your card and the goal to winning was to try and clear as many numbers on your card as you could to win a prize. The more numbers you cleared on this game, the bigger your prize was.

It was a simple and rarely seen approach to gameplay that immediately hooked the majority of players the loaded this game up.

How is it Different from Other Games?

Obviously the biggest difference of this game is that it falls under the just for fun slots and bingo games classification.

What this means is, instead of playing for real cash on this games reels, you’re given credits to play with that you can use to unlock extra features from the game like locations, power-ups or other special customizable elements.

So straight away it’s going to be different from the other real money games on Spin Genie, although it’s possible that they could introduce a real money version, but that remains to be seen. Plus it also has its bingo and slot hybridization to set itself apart from other games.

What Does This Mean for Social Gaming?

So you may be wondering, what exactly will this development mean for the social gaming community?

Well as it turns out, it probably won’t be a particularly big impact as social games tend to not perform well when they become real money games.

For example, one of the first was Bingo Friendzy which lets you bypass the Facebook credit system and wager with real cash from your credit or debit card. But, it unfortunately didn’t have a lot of success.

There’s also PokerStars Play which launched with Zynga and again its success was and still is, spotty at best. In fact its future is still on unstable ground and it’s unlikely that it will survive for much longer.

So going by past results, it’s safe to assume that Slingo Bingo could possibly face the same fate as social gaming doesn’t seem to handle the transition to real money gambling particularly well.

The struggling success could be down to a number of different factors.

For example, the audience on Facebook is comprised of mostly younger users that may not be interested in online gambling, or it could be the fact that it’s on Facebook which may put off some players who may feel that it’s unsafe.

So, it’s safe to assume that the genre of social gaming won’t change much more than it already has. Even though it still is fairly early into Slingo Bingos lifespan, the social gaming scene will likely remain the same over this games lifespan.

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