PayPal Bingo Sites

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With the popularity of E-Wallet payments at an all-time high in the last few months, one system that’s outpacing them all in terms of consistent usage is PayPal.

How to Join PayPal

If you’re curious to get started with this superb system then you’ll find that it’s incredibly easy to set up an account.

To start off you’ll need to head to the official PayPal page and select the option to create a new account. You’ll then have to fill in an onscreen form that contains your personal details like age, name, location etc.

Once that’s complete you’ll then be prompted to link a credit or debit card to your account since this is what you’ll be using to fill up your account with cash.

After linking your chosen card to your account you’ll then be ready to go. Plus since this process normally takes just a few minutes you could be enjoying your favourite PayPal bingo site in a matter of moments!

Pros and Cons of Using PayPal for Bingo Payments

When you start playing on PayPal bingo sites you’ll likely notice a few benefits to using this system as well as a couple of problems.

For starters with PayPal you’ll get to enjoy instant cash transfers from your accounts, this means you can easily keep track of where your money is going and how much is coming out at any given time.

PayPal also uses a secure system of servers, this means that your cash will always be safe and no one will ever be able to get to it. So you can make payments without having to worry about your account being compromised.

In terms of problems the biggest one you’ll run into is that your account can sometimes be locked by the PayPal staff and the cash within is removed. This is normally done without warning or guarantee that it will be unlocked. To get it opened up again you’ll normally have to go through a long identification process with PayPal staff.

What about Ukash?

Of course when it comes to making safe online payments a lot of people might opt for Ukash instead. It is just as good as PayPal in that it allows you to keep your cash safe since you’re using vouchers with unique codes to store your money.

Where the downsides come in is that these vouchers are completely reliant on you not losing them, if you do lose one and you don’t replace it fast you could lose all the cash that was on it. Also it can often be quite hard to come by a physical Ukash voucher since stores that sell them are often few and far between.

There is a digital option but if you’re going through the rigorous process of getting an online voucher you might as well just stick with PayPal since it’s faster in the long run.

PayPal Compatible Sites

Since its incorporation into the gambling market PayPal has proven to be quite popular. There are tons of bingo sites that accept PayPal available on the market now, but to keep things simple we’ve picked out a few of the best sites to try.

Hollywood Bingo:

Signing up with this LA inspired site will land you a 300% bonus and 1,000 Star Points to spend how you like on the site.

Wink Bingo:

This site will give you a large 250% bonus when you make that first deposit. Plus you’ll also get a guaranteed cash prize of up to £1,000 when you try their exclusive ‘Spin the Wheel’ mini-game.

mFortune Bingo:

When you join this site you’ll be given £5 free for just creating an account. But that’s not all because when you make your first deposit you’ll get a 100% match bonus that will instantly double your cash. Plus make a re-deposit using PayPal and you’ll be given a 10% bonus to make the most of your money.

If you’ve ever been interested in starting out with PayPal on your favourite bingo sites then why not check out a couple of these sites or use some of this helpful information before you make any big decisions.

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