Irish Luck Slot

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They say someone has the ‘luck of the Irish’ if they manage to pull out an impressive win from an otherwise unexpected opportunity.

When you manage to win big with the Irish Luck slot game that’s exactly how you will feel like you have the ‘luck of the Irish’.


This simple slot game is easy enough to pick up as it presents players with a setup that contains five reels and the option to use up to 25 paylines on each of their spins.

In regards to your controls, you can quickly alter the number of individual paylines used in each turn as well as how much you’re willing to spend on a spin with either the ‘change line’ or ‘change bet’ options in the menu bar.

You’re also given the option of swapping between manual turns of the reels and automatic spins by using either the ‘Auto Play’ and ‘Spin’ tabs.


A strategy we recommend using for this game is to bet the maximum amount on every spin, this lets you hit higher rates of return. Plus if your version of the game has a progressive jackpot you have a better chance at unlocking one of those big prizes.


A tip worth using in this game is to try a free to play variant of this slot to figure out how the bonuses and additional features work without blowing through tons of cash.


This slots design is absolutely fantastic, it has this light-hearted Irish them that puts you down in a cartoon version of the old ‘Emerald Isle’. In the background there are clear skies, rolling green hills and rainbows and inside the reels of this slot are a range of magic creatures.

For examples, there’re fairies, leprechauns, pots of gold, castles, mushrooms, pints of Guinness and some colourful rainbows.


This game has some pretty interesting bonus rounds that you can use to try and unlock a jackpot prize for yourself.

For starters, there’s their Match and Win bonus. Unlocked with at least three fairy Scatters, this bonus lets you pick items on the screen and if you find a matching pair of symbols you will win a random cash prize.

Then there’s the Prize Pick round. Activated with at least three leprechaun Scatters, this bonus has you picking stumps in a field to find a fairy or a leprechaun and depending on what you uncover you will earn either free spins or a multiplier prize.

Finally, they have the gamble bonus. Triggered manually after each winning spin this bonus gives you the chance to double your money by wagering your winnings on the outcome of a mini-game.

Bingo Sites with Irish Luck

There are a number of places you can visit to play the Irish Luck slot game, we’ve grabbed two sites that we think are worth checking out.

Wink Bingo:

You won’t pick up a bingo slots bonus with a minimum deposit of £10 on this site, instead you’re given a 250% bonus and up to £1,000 from their special wheel.

Bingo Hollywood:

You may not be able to pick up some free spins on slots with this site, but when you make a first deposit you will be given an equally great prize of 1,000 Star Points, seven days of bingo and a 300% bonus.

This slot game really is a fantastic title to try out. It has a lovely design, some great bonus features and its gameplay is pretty simple and easy to pick up. If you’re looking for a fun slot you should definitely try out the Irish Luck game.

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