Aloha Cluster Pays Slot

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Feeling the effects of this miserable weather? Want to escape to a tropical paradise for a few hours? Well, get your hula skirt on because you need to play the brand new game for 2016 Aloha Clusters Pays Slot. Here you can be transported to a world of beautiful beaches, active volcanoes, and most importantly, play your favourite slots game. There is a large jackpot win of 100,000 to play for here, or get those reels spinning for a moderate win, at BGO Casino.


Aloha Clusters Pays slot game is particularly unique and different to many of the other slot games you’ll have experienced in the past, even though it was created by leading gaming powerhouse NetEnt. Instead of having your typical pay lines, this game will cash out on identical symbols. If you’re lucky enough to get 9 identical symbols, you’re a winner!


You won’t feel out of place in your hula skirt playing this game with its colourful, warm Hawaiian theme. As you are welcomed with lively music, expect to also see a large singing Tiki statue, active volcano, and cool blue waters on your screen. The symbols on this 6-reel slot game are also intertwined with the theme and include basic symbols such as pineapples, shells, flowers, coconuts and the game’s big winner, the red, blue and green Hawaiian masks.

Tips & Strategy

While the way to win on this slot is quite different to the normal pay line, the strategy for winning big is still the same. Here, you can play on varying difficulty levels from 1 to 10 and each spin will cost you ten coins. While you only need to play with smaller coins at £0.01, the higher the stake you place the more you can win, so we would recommend going nearer to the maximum coin size of £2.00.


The main symbol you’ll find popping up on your screen during Aloha Cluster Pays is a brown box with a question mark. This substitution symbol will transform any symbol adjacent to it, to give you the biggest possible win you can achieve.

Bonus Features

You won’t get bored with this slot game as there are a variety of bonus features that will pop up during your game playing to keep you enthralled.

One of the main bonuses everyone enjoys are free spins, and Aloha delivers on this. If you achieve 3 or more free spin symbols, you’ll earn 9 free spins. Add the bonus drop feature, and all your basic symbols will be replaced by the mask symbols, so you have even more chances of earning big cash as your guaranteed a win. Not too shabby for a brand new game on the market. The sticky Win Re-Spins is another similar bonus feature that re-spins your wheels but keeps the winning symbol the same.

The minimum cluster win is 9 symbols and you can have your coins multiplied by 5, however if you fill out the entire screen this will be multiplied by 2,000. The big jackpot hits if you fill out your screen with red masks, as your coins will be multiplied by a whopping 10,000! So there’s definitely opportunities to win big in Aloha Clusters.

Aloha Clusters can transport you to slots paradise for a few hours and provide endless entertainment. If you’re a slots enthusiast looking for something a little bit different, then this could definitely be the game for you as the new winning cluster method keep you on your toes.